Cyber Monday robot vacuum and mob deal: The iRobot Braava Jet M6 is $100 off

2021-12-25 02:22:18 By : Ms. seaya Zhang

Save $100: The iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is on sale for $349 at Amazon as of Nov. 27. At a 22% discount, that's some pretty nice savings for mopping made extra easy.

Having mopped floors feels pretty damn great, but actually mopping your floors? Let's just say it feels marginally less great.

Fortunately, we are living the 21st century, and humanity has found a way to make cleaning easier with robot vacuums and robot mops. Truly, what a time to be alive.

And though we are officially in the liminal space between Black Friday and Cyber Monday as of Nov. 27, the sales are still here — the iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is only $349 at Amazon, which is a cool $101 markdown from its usual list price.

If you've used a robot vacuum before, you probably understand why having a little robot cleaner friend can be so great. But robot mops can be great for providing assistance with the arguably more arduous chore, especially if your home is mostly hardwood surfaces like wood, title, or stone.

The iRobot M6 in particular comes packed with a bunch of smart features, like scheduling, self-charging, and mapping. As it tackles large and small rooms alike, it'll also learn the layout of your home and build smart maps. These maps allow you to tell your robot mop where you want cleaned via the app or voice command through Alexa or Google Assistant. They also allow the mop to stay away from certain zones, and once it learns where you like to clean, suggest personalized cleaning schedules to you.

The mop comes with wet and dry pads, and can sense which is which, so even if you don't vacuum beforehand, you can get a good sweep in before the deep clean begins. If you do already have a robot vacuum, namely a compatible Roomba, this mop can be programmed to jump in once the Roomba is done vacuuming to get you those spotless floors with minimal effort on your part.

Robot mops might not be for everyone, but if you love a good clean, and you're working with a lot of hard flooring in your home, you'll definitely want to consider checking out this iRobot Braava Jet M6 while its on sale for a limited time only.

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