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2021-12-25 02:22:15 By : Ms. Lisa Jin

Back in ancient times circa 2002, if you wanted to get somewhere, you pulled out a map, asked for directions, and kept your eyes peeled. Now, phone GPS takes you right there. If you wanted a stellar picture, you had to adjust the lens on your 35mm film SLR camera and shoot. Now, well, your phone does most of the work for you.

A phone won't clean your floors, but once again, technology has taken the once arduous process of sweeping and mopping your hard surface floors and stripped most of the actual work out of it. The Narwal T10 makes that chore virtually painless, handling the job so thoroughly and autonomously that owners might soon never need to worry about cleaning floors again.

This 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mopper is crafted as an ultimate hands-free answer to making floors shine without applying one ounce of elbow grease. At the heart of the T10 are a pair of triangular mop pads spinning at a blistering 180 RPM. Issuing a staunch 10 Newtons of force, the T10 brings some serious scrubbing power to your wood, tile, or linoleum surfaces, breaking up dirt and other debris. When vacuuming, the T10 features 1,800Pa of suction that can capture and eliminate all that dirtiness. Dual side brushes sweep gunk right into the T10's hungry maw, while it's no roll brush design keeps stray hair from getting entangled in your cleanup.

The T10's power is nearly matched by its brains, utilizing LiDar navigation, LSD laser mapping algorithms and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technologies to map each and every room efficiently while cleaning deep into every inch of floor, including hard to reach corners. Many features are controllable through the Narwal app, such as the ability to add no-go zones for the robot to avoid, and schedule and reschedule house cleaning entirely around your agenda.

However, the Narwal T10's true ace in the hole is an ability that many robot vac and mop owners wish they had: a self-cleaning feature. The robot's base houses a pair of 1.3 gallon water tanks, one for clean one, the other for waste water. During its cleanup, the T10 will occasionally head back to base, use clean water to rinse and dry the unit's microfiber mops, while transferring dirty water to the waste reservoir. The robot can constantly be sent back to continue its cleaning of your house, always equipped with fresh, clean mops so it never spreads dirty water around your floors.

Sporting honors from Red Dot and Edison, a Time Magazine Top Invention of 2020 award, and combined 4.5 out of 5 star rating from users, the Narwal T10 Robot Vacuum and Mopper is ready to render all your floors spotless. Right now, shoppers can also pick one up on sale at $150 off its regular price for a limited time.

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