True Digital RoboCore, a smart robotYou can order many functions!!-

2021-12-25 02:30:28 By : Ms. Chelsea Cheung

Launched True Digital RoboCore, a comprehensive intelligent robot solution that can be used in a variety of businesses. True Digital Solutions designs and presents intelligent robot solutions to suit the needs of each business, including True 5G, digital platforms.and digital convergencethat combines technologies such as the Internet of Things: IoT, Artificial Intelligence: AI, Analytics, Cybersecurity and appropriate Blockchain to develop solutions that meet the needsand maximizing efficiency for the businessTrue Digital Solutions has collaborated with Cloud Mind to bring "Cloud AI Robots" to develop into intelligent robot solutions.It is ready for commercial service for the first time in the form of Robot as a Service (RaaS) or subscription system.(Subscription Model) Charges based on actual usage.Flexibility to modify the usage patterns according to the needsthus saving time and money.Prepare to bring cloud robots to serve "True Digital RoboCore" as follows:Razer launches Handheld Gaming Developer Kit, the most powerful portable player of the yearVivo Y55s 5G, heavy specification, 6000mAh large battery, 50 megapixel camera​Huawei sends campaign ALL THE JOY YOU CAN HAVE up to 50% off online only15an hour agoPreview of OPPO Find N, the first foldable smartphone flagshipSmooth screen with special technology Water Drop HingeReview of vivo Y76 5G, slim design, clear shots, 50MP, durable battery, fast charging 44W, enjoy every game©2001-2021 Siamphone Dot Com Company Limited.All Rights Reserved.Follow us on Facebook |Twitter |Instagram